Warriors: the Requim/Masquerade


For those not in the know, let’s reintroduce the major players of these nights. First off we have the Time Bandits, a vampire gang mostly composed of vampires until a few nights ago. Due to the unpopularity of their former leader, Canio of the Hi-Hats, several Hi-Hats blood boppers defected and joined the Time Bandits. Canio for his part seems either not to care or notice. But that would be foolish, won’t it? Perhaps he’s just nursing a grudge or just forward thinking.

Which brings us to the Hi-Hats and Electric Eliminators, two gangs struggling to gain dominance in SoHo. Soho was once a recognized territory of the Camarilla, a privileged given to Canio while the city was still under Camarilla control. A#1, EE gang founder, self styled duke of New York, has carved for himself the most north SoHo for himself. When the Time Bandits disposed of the Hun gang in Chinatown, there were open brawls to see who would take advantage of the power vacuum. The EEs won that conflict. And for their part in distracting the Hi-Hats, the Time Bandits were given the Four Pillars of Destiny noodle-shop.

Which brings us to the former owner of the noodle-shop, Yingpei Ji the Hun vampire. After the events of the Bandit-Hun conflict, things still aren’t going so well for the Hun. He was deposed from power, lost his gang to Cammie coppers, and was burned literally in his own haven at the Chapel of Transfiguration. But at least he’s still walking around. Not like Mark, though depending on who you ask that’s not a bad thing.

Mark used to be a promising veterinarian student working the local animal shelter to help his sister. And until that book came to him, he would have started his own practice. And if only Molly hadn’t gotten hooked on Red Surrender, maybe she would have stopped Mark’s progressively gory experiments. And perhaps one night the mystery of that book and Mark’s Madness will come to light. A much more obvious danger to the Manhattan vampires comes from across the Brooklyn Bridge.

They come with the sounds of engines and shotguns, the howling of monsters thinly disguised as men. The Satan’s Mothers are a bunch of assholes that violently trespass against other gangs’ turf. They like to play little fuck-fuck games with people, doing drive bys on people and watching the vampires get back up in front of witnesses. Way to show everybody I’m not human, asshole. In anycase this night seemed to bring in a little bit of everything that’s happened so far this month. Dear God.

Don’t ask some people how their month’s been. For some it’s been a downhill slide of debt and pleading. Caddy May’s pub has been a great boon to the Time Bandits. And because of that the powers to be have decided to revoke his ability to operate. Caddy has been a ghoul since before some gang vampires were even born mortal. He’s played ball with each and every successive power in New York. Yet his decades of loyalty can’t get him any leverage.

With that out of the way let’s bring in the real hardcore boppers, the Time Bandits. First we’ve got the gunslinging Rebecca whose taken over the local pound as a special treat for Fluffy her ghoul dog. Second the dark skinned beauty Quinn Serath, pretty damn crafty in laying traps and guided by the Tenants of her mentor, Afra of the Sacrens. Brick, the Brick, nothing more nothing less than the immovable wall of muscle. Last active member of the night Vincent, warchief of the Time Bandits recognized personality in the anarch community.

The night began simply with all the craziness of the last few nights just keeping their distance. Seems like everything against the Time Bandits decided to just take the night off. Old Thomas, radio jockey, started playing his opening hour of talk and music. It was Saturday, a good night for fighting. Old Thomas is known to be a mouthpiece for anyone willing to call in and voice their opinion, especially to the bopper scene. He’s been on the air since before the Sabbat came into town. Tonight his words seemed especially directed at the Time Bandits. And from a lover of the Chinatown noodle-shop. Mongoose took a boombox and the gang started walking weary of Thomas’s veiled threats. Expecting a raid on their turf, they visited Caddy May’s pub to finish any business they might have before flying the coop.

Absent at the door was the regular bouncer. The window flaps were all drawn and it seemed nobody was present. Quinn sidestepped the group and went around to the backdoor. She picked the lock and broke into the pub. The bar was empty and the cash register behind the bar was gone. She followed the sounds coming from the back room and overheard half a conversation. Sliding a hand mirror under the door, she saw Caddy talking with someone over the phone. He seemed to be pleading for his bar. Quinn beat a quick retreat back to the front of the pub. On Mongoose’s boombox Old Thomas made a few related announcements. Seems that the Satan’s Mothers got themselves involved by answering the radio station.

At this Vincent was convinced the raid on their haven was happening now, that the Hun vampire had called a hit on them and the Satan’s Mothers had answered. The gang ran back to the Time Piece Warehouse in time to hear metal panels ripped off their rollers and groaning springs pulled beyond extension. Two vampires laughing like jackals had hijacked a tow truck and attached the chain to the garage. They gunned the engine and freed the door from its frame dragging sparking metal down the street.

Brick burned blood sprinting after the vehicle, and Quinn followed quietly after. Brick grabbed the chain and pulled himself on the back of the tow. From the rear cabin window the jackals growled at him which only spurned Brick on to punch through the glass. The drivers bailed out of the truck. Brick could only bail before the truck crashed stripping the paint off several parked cars. It slammed against one side of the street to the next before ending by halfway into the engine block of a honda civic. Brick landed in front of a RadioShack, and Quinn followed quietly after.

Not deterred by by a wrecked vehicle Brick tracked the jackals as they climbed the fire escape. They ducked into the window of an open apartment. Brick raced to the window to see a young couple relaxing on the couch shivering due to the breeze coming in from the winter night. Brick saw a open door and ran for it, in the corridor he saw a shadow rounding a corner and ran for it, at the top of the staircase he saw a shadow leaving the front door and he ran outside, where he found nothing. And Quinn followed quietly after.

Confused Brick tried smelling the air for the thick diesel that coated the tow truck and himself. The door behind him blew a trace of the thick diesel smell covering the jackals. As the door closed behind him, the rest of the Satan’s Mothers sped by on their motorcycles chasing Vincent and Rebecca also on a motorcycle.

Back in time, Vincent fired up one of their stolen bikes. Rebecca hopped on the back. And they gunned after Brick and the derelict tow truck. The engine roaring in the night was soon answered by eight other engines. A pack of eight bikers, shotguns slung on their backs ready to blast, ambushed them from behind. Rebecca spun her ass and clinched the seat with her thighs. In her breathing days this might’ve been stimulating. She fired two shots from her dual revolvers, the bullets landing in the brain-pan of the first sucker to get close. His skull bore the gory dent but he kept coming at the bandits. Two of his mates getting close enough to fire.

The first biker fired spraying the bike and its drivers with buckshot. The bandit’s bike started smoking, something internal had busted. Vincent and Rebecca thought the same thing, “Time to switch bikes.” Rebecca in an excellent display of grace, bitch flipped herself onto the back of the Mother’s bike and pop a bullet in his head. Vincent dug his claws into that leather punk’s jacket and threw him off the bike and onto the asphalt. Only a mummified rebel without a cause remained. Rebecca jumped to the handlebars to gun and drive at the same time. Following her lead the warchief shifted onto the new bike’s bitch seat.

Their celebration was short lived as two more of the Satan’s Mother’s Pack came up to flank them on both sides. Closing in with their shotguns, they didn’t expect Vincent to Claw the fuck off one of their fleshy arms. Even with Rebecca doing her best at cruising and shooting, It’s hard to dodge shotguns, two good shots from the Satan’s guns crashed the bike. The Bandits were thrown before a Radio Shack. And thus the motorcycle race around the block ended before it even began, with the Time Bandits imminent demise as the rest of the Satan’s Mothers roar towards the finish line.

Back in time Brick raged at the door behind him, a brief moment from punching the door in and spraying glass everywhere. At the last second the blood rage left him and merely lifted the door off it’s hinges. Quinn silenced the scene with her supernatural aura of Quietus. Brick’s Litany of curses became a violent mime act.

They marched back to the couple’s apartment following the vampires’ diesel truck stink. The scent ended outside the bathroom where they heard the woman cries. Opening the door they saw the shower curtain drawn across the tub covered in red gore. The man’s throat had been violently tore open. He lay where he fell. Brick called upon a previous life and tried to stabilize him. Quinn sent the woman away.

Brick didn’t have time to think of anything but the man in front of him. Didn’t call 911 which might’ve responded on time, didn’t call Mongoose who might’ve known how to save him. With a little Vitae and a little willpower and Quinn watching his actions, he slit his wrist and feed the incapacitated man a few red drops from his bleeding cut. When Brick and Quinn returned to the living room, they found the pink phone cord spiraled under the closet door. Seems she did the only thing she could, call the police. Brick screamed at her and grabbed the door tempted to rip it apart. Quinn gently corrected his behavior. There was nothing more to be done and it was time to leave.

Brick determined to find the murderous vampires went to the roof, but the diesel stink was too common in the city air. Looking over the long cables of the air condition units, Quinn cooked up a plan.

While Rebecca and Vincent tried to recover, the Satan’s Mothers were already circling round to finish them off. Suddenly the head biker was caught by the throat by an invisible wire. He fell revealing the obfuscated electrical cables Quinn had set up across the street. One after another each biker hit the cable and were thrown off their bike. All except the pack leader. Blood red eyes, black paint around them, braids covering his head, and the over-sized leather coat with the Devil’s patch on the shoulder. This guy was a little too clever. He skid under the cables and regrouped the rest of the Satan’s Mothers. On the other side of the streets, the Time Bandits had regrouped as well.

The street was intolerably hot. Each group of vampires sweated little beads of red. The bikers held their shotguns pointed at the streets ready to start something. Brick’s lounging figure was poised. Rebecca kept her hand close to the hot iron of her revolvers. Quinn stood very still waiting for an opening. From over the airwaves, came the screaming of 70s rock as well as the sirens of police. Vincent stared down the Satan’s Mothers pack leader. Vincent screamed the only thing that came to mind, “Saturday.”

The pack leader shouted back words like shotgun blasts, “Saturday, Saturday, Saturday night’s alright.” And like that, each side called a cease fire. The Satan’s Mothers took the mummified vampire for themselves and disappeared into the city. The Time Bandits were left to cover up the vehicular carnage and dead bodies. For all observations, it’d look like a car-theft/illegal race gone wrong. They set one of the armless torpor vampires in the tow truck. They were forced to lay low. For a few nights they crashed with allies and mentors. The boppers left at the warehouse told the story as best they could. Some were arrested, and some of the resources left in the warehouse were taken as evidence.

When they felt safe enough to regroup, they started making plans to formalize the SoHo Alliance. They sent out messages to Canio and A#1. The talks would be at the Four Pillars of Destiny noodle-shop in Chinatown. The last bit of meaningful business was to return to Caddy May’s bar and find out what’s happened to their favorite hangout. Quinn makes another break around the back entrance. She investigates the computer to find that Caddy May is way in the Red. With lots of mounting debt, it looks like somebody had finally muscled the bar owner out of his business. Caddy had resigned himself to dropping off the face of the earth. It was only with the Time Bandits insistence that he regained his confidence and revealed his target of revenge.

Elsewhere, Rebecca opened the storage unit Mark owned when he lived. The air was icy cold, medical equipment littered the room. Center of the room was Mark’s experiment. A dead patchwork woman matching most of the features of his sister. Rebecca turned off the extreme air conditioner, leaving the missed matched body parts to rot. She returned to the Chapel of Transfiguration, and investigated the secret passage where Mark’s body lay. She rifled through his belongings and discovered a business card for a Kindred Healthcare Insurance agent.


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