Warriors: the Requim/Masquerade

Meeting the Mothers

The night began simply enough by a trip down to the Stop-N-Go. Not to buy anything just to loiter and waste the clerk’s time, Time Bandit that they are. Then out of the night came a horrible howling of man and motorcycle. Down the block they heard a crash and a pack of bikers swerved around one of their own. As the group got closer they identified the biker as a Satan’s Mother pack member.

The pack turned around while the Time Bandits jeered and heckled the cursing Biker. At the sound of more cycles, the gang disappeared down an alleyway. The Satan’s Mothers finding nobody to shoot shotgunned the poor bastard. The blasts of shells ripped his chest and ribs to pieces. He fell to the ground, his Vitae already stitching muscle back to bone. The Time Bandits grabbed the weaken vampire, but not before a single unfortunate patrolman witnessed him spiriting him away. Vincent told a quick lie about protecting their own. And whether by nativity or wisdom, the patrolman decided to let them go. Back in the darkroom of Time Piece Warehouses, the bandits chained and staked the sucker before he could take a snarling bite of Brick’s face.

In a time that everybody was cooling off, Vincent got ringed up with business. A#1 of the Electric Eliminators called the public line of the Time Piece, punched in the warehouse number, and told Vincent some of things his gang saw during the Night of a Thousand Clowns. Vincent berated Reese and Mongoose, mostly Mongoose, over the church fire. They gave their reasons, even showing the medical textbook, but he wouldn’t listen. As punishment he sent Mongoose to tag the Four Pillars of Destiny noodle-shop with Double Dragon Brad as protection. Before they left Mongoose made sure to let everybody know that they had company.

Reese flew up to the roof to scoot out their visitors. There came a crowd of Hi-Hat clowns, one of which sparked terrible unease. The Time Bandits rolled out their muscle to greet Canio, founder of the Hi-Hats, surrounded by his honor guard. Vincent and Canio had another fruitful conversation. Again mostly about local manners. Canio wanted the TBs to mediate the conflict between the HHs and the EEs. Canio also voiced that the SMs should be excluded from any kind of anarch organization, that Cyrus was a fool to invite them to the Big Meet. Vincent agreed to lead the talks between the two gangs, seeing a SoHo alliance as beneficial to all parties involved.

With absolutely no drama Canio and his crew beat it. Only to be taken out by the roving Satan’s Mothers. The Bikers did their drive by and sped off into the distance. Each TB responded as quickly as they could. The spunky Quinn Serath performed awesome feats of parkour across the Lower West Side’s rooftops. On the streets Brick and Reese talked to the fairly cautious clowns guarding the below-ground apartment they’d just commandeered from its occupants. They were suspicious of the Time Bandits involvement with the Satan’s Mothers. They had to show there wasn’t any love between the two gangs. Brick proposed their prisoner. The Hi-Hats agreed only if they took one of their own Danny who had his own experience with the bikers.

So they went back to interrogate their prisoner, still as irate and uncooperative as ever. From what Danny observed the Time Bandits weren’t in with the Satan’s Mothers. Brick goaded the prisoner enough for him to spend the last precious points of Vitae in his system. He ripped the chains apart and jumped off the table he’d been strapped to. Brick grabbed the frenzied bastard. The Bastard repaid him by biting a chomp of his arm off. The party descended on the weaken vampire with stakes until he torpored out. In order to prove their hate of the Satan’s Mothers, they dragged his dead ass back to the Hi-Hats.

Brick and Vincent presented the torpored vampire to Canio. Brick urged him to follow them as they ran the bikers out of their turf. Canio thought about it. He was so moved by the Dragons bold demeanor that he, but for a moment, considered taking up arms with them. Then he remembered how he’d survived over half a century, and sent his lackeys, 2 blood boppers and the least wounded of the other gangers. He left sure that whatever happened he’d live another night.

At this point in the night Mongoose and Brad returned from tagging the noodle-shop. With Mongoose on the streets they tracked a leaking motor fluid trail. The trail ended up at the entrance of a parking garage with floors going up and down. Quinn decided to scout up ahead of the others. Like a shadow she slinked into a cordoned off section of the lowest level. Beyond a chain link fence, the bikers had parked their bikes and ventured into a dark service tunnel. Quinn decided it best not to go into the unknown, and instead sabotaged the motorcycles; cutting their break and fuel lines. When she returned to the surface, the entire gang was ready to descend after the crazy blood sucking assholes.

Staring down the darkness and almost hearing the ferocious vampires, the ghoul lieutenants of the Hi-Hats decided they had it with their boss. They offered to turn coat and become Time Bandits if they would have them. Having so few members, the Time Bandits were open to the proposition. By the time they’d banged out the details, they were looking down the month of the parking tunnel. Cocktail in hand, the motorcycles before him, Mongoose cocked his arm to throw only to have Vincent stay his hand. The gang collectively decided to take the bikes and whatever loot they could get. Mongoose clinked three empty bottles together on his fingers and thumbs. The rest of the gang cursed down the dark corridor enough that the Satan’s Mothers came running.

Red in their eyes they ran across the gasoline-slick concrete floor. Mongoose threw straight and true setting the entire scene aflame. The bikers fell to the ground and rolled into more flames. Each motorcycle left combusted its excess fuel exploding in fire balls. Almost everybody was either ON-FIRE or RUNNING-THE-FUCK-AWAY. Everybody but Brick, who stared into hell and didn’t even blink.

With the night’s business taken care of, Reese took the opportunity to investigate Mark’s pound. She discovered the would-be thaumaturge’s notes, even some video files from his computer. She took the whole machine, just in case.


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