Fronts are a gangs banner and flag. That’s where boppers hang out to show what turf they control, and where other gangs can attempt to contact them and their leadership. But it’s not the safest place to make a haven. That’s why most gangs also have a Back.

Backs are safe houses where gangs hold their valuable hardware, such as stolen lootz and any weapons they carry. Real boppers make these safe houses their havens to sleep during the day since they’re much more private.

Bopper is the name gangsters have given themselves, and bopping is fighting, stealing, or destroying stuff for the gangs benefit. There are 3 types of boppers. Normal boppers are street-people that have joined the gang for one reason or another.

Blood Boppers are called such because they’re ghouls. Most ghouls have a Cammie background. When the Camarilla left NY they abandoned their ghouls not expecting them to survive. The Sabbot don’t convert ghouls, not trusting or needing them. Sabbot clans are known to have reverent families they can tap into. Cammie ghouls were forced to adapt to the setting following into Anarch gangs. Most blood boppers seen on the street are war ghouls, but these boppers can come from many different backgrounds. Some are doctors, professors, lawyers, even politicians although nobody has had a real need for them.

Real Boppers are the vampires that have founded or lead Anarch gangs. Most come from the Anarch Movement that struggled against the Sabbot. Some are Cammie title members that refuse to abandon the city, such as The Rangers and Moonrunners. Satan’s Mothers happens to be the one gang sponsored by the Sabbot.


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