Found a neat site with some suggested specialties:


Suggested Specialties

AcademicsAthropology, Archeology, Art, English, History, Law, Religion, Research, Philosophy, Mathematics, Sociology, Library Science, Business, Economics, Psychology, Cartography, Geography, Demographics, Stock Market, Cryptology, Symbology, Astronomy
ComputerArtificial intelligence, Data Retrieval, Graphics, Hacking, Internet, Gaming, Web Design, Databases, Search, Presentations, Networks, Security
CraftsAutomobiles, Aircraft, Forging, Jury-rigging, Sculpting, Painting, Illustration, Sewing, Repair, Architecture, Woodworking, Electricity, Plumbing, Gardening, Textiles, Gunsmithing, Carpentry
InvestigationArtifacts, Body Language, Crime Scenes, Cryptography, Dreams, Autopsy, Puzzles, Riddles, Scientific Experiments, News Archives, Research, Fingerprints, DNA Analysis, Traffic Accidents, Missing Persons
MedicineEmergency Care, Pathology, Pharmaceuticals, Physical Therapy, Surgery, Psychiatry, Oncology, Anesthesiology, Neurology, Hematology, Chiropracty, Dentistry, Dermatology, Dietetics, Epidemiology, Genetics, Hospital Administration, Optometry, Orthopedics, Phlebotomy (blood), X Ray Technician, Toxicology, Veterinary Medicine, Healing Wounds
OccultCultural Beliefs, Ghosts, Magic, Monsters, Superstitions, Witchcraft, Herbalism, Vampires, Cthulhu Mythos, Crop Circles, Aliens, Parapsychology, Extra Sensory Perception, Geomancy, Tarot, Astrology
PoliticsBribery, Elections, Federal, Local, State, Scandals, Campaigning, Beauracracy, Licensing, Laws, Cutting deals, Judicial
ScienceBiology, Chemistry, Geology, Metallurgy, Physics, Agriculture, Botany, Marine Biology, Ecology, Meteorology, Biochemistry, Evolution
AthleticsAcrobatics, Climbing, Kayaking, Long Distance Running, Sprinting, Swimming, Throwing, Dancing, Skateboarding, Contortion, Aerobics, Ice Skating, Bicycling, Jumping
BrawlBlocking, Boxing, Dirty Tricks, Grappling, Kung Fu, Throws, Sweeps, Holds, Kicks
DriveHigh-performance cars, Motorcycles, Off-road, Pursuit, Shaking Tails, Stunts, Boats, Aggressive City Driving
FirearmsAutofire, Bow, Pisolt, Rifle, Shotgun, Sniping, Trickshot, SMG’s, Antiques
LarcenyConcealing Stolen Goods, Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, Security Systems, Safecracking, Sleight of Hand, Hold-ups, Muggings, Shoplifting, Car Theft, Forgery, Money Laundering
StealthCamouflage, Crowds, Moving in Darkness, Moving in Woods, Hiding in Plain Sight, Shadowing, Eluding Tails, Avoiding Security
SurvivalForaging, Navigation, Meterology, Shelter, Tracking, Hunting
WeaponryImprovised Weapons, Knives, Swords, Blunt Weapons, Nunchaku, Whips, Flails, Axes
Animal Ken Animal Needs, Imminent Attack, Training, Body Language, Specific Animals (dogs, cats, bears, rodents, birds..etc)
EmpathyEmotions, Lies, Motives, Personalties, Body Language, Psychosis
ExpressionClassical Dance, Drama, Journalism, Novels, Speeches, Musical Instrument, Short Stories, Editorials, Poetry, Songwriting
IntimidationBluster, Physical Threats, Stare-downs, Torture, Veiled Threats, Interrogation, Insults
PersuasionFast-talking, Inspiring troops, Motivational Speeches, Sales Pitches, Seduction, Cutting Deals, Negotiation
SocializeBar Hopping, Dress Balls, Formal Events, Frat Paries, Dinner Parties, First Impressions, Etiquette, Business Meetings, Carousing, Flattery
StreetwiseBlack Market, Gangs, Rumors, Undercover Operations, Shelter, Laws, Shortcuts, Area Knowledge, Territories
SubterfugeCon Jobs, Hiding Emotions, Lies, Detecting Lies, Misdirection, Disguises, Cheating


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