Operation Satan's Tophat

The operation will split the party in two groups based on their competencies in order to accomplish two separate objectives that will legitimize our group in multiple ways.

Firstly, Successful mediation between the Hi-Hats and the Electric Eliminators will establish us as diplomatic leaders, encouraging other groups to come to us for our services as neutral/impartial mediators, negotiators, deliverers, etc (That we will obviously capitalize on).

In addition, we’ll have the potential to gain access to the wide circle of contacts of Canio, the Century+ Old Vampire Founder of the Hi-Hats, as well as a larger (expected) backup from the more enterprising Electric Eliminators.

Secondly, a swift, debilitating retaliation against the Satans Mothers will communicate to every gang that we will not tolerate unwelcome guests, or rabid dogs like the Satans Mothers, who would dare start fights on turf.

By going to their side of town and destroying their bikes(+ any other assets we get the chance to burn down, if the opportunity presents itself), we’ll eliminate their mobility as a gang, and at the very least, set them back a long ways. Anything else destroyed in the process is gravy. We’ll be sure to tag their territory so nobody misunderstands who put them in their place. It’s likely that we’ll have to put them down altogether at some point in time.

But, the general idea is this:

The Face Squad, made up of Trenton, Austin, and Any number of Lieutenants and Underlings deemed necessary, will be going between the Hi-Hats and the Electric eliminators to figure out each side’s grievances, and finally get both leaders to negotiate terms of a treaty in a neutral location (Subway Station, most likely).

The Stealth Squad, made up of Kevin, Cameron, Josh, and Jason will sneak in and sabotage the motorcycles of the Satans mothers, either using explosives (crafted using household chemicals), and/or by cutting fuel lines, and dousing the bikes in gasoline and lighting everything on fire.
Kevin’s ability to create a zone of silence, large sneak roll, and celerity will prove invaluable in the mission. Josh and Cameron also have decent sneak, as well as the muscle and speed to quickly distribute bombs and/or gasoline or to extract Kevin if need be.
Jason will be the eyes and ears of the operation, being the only member of the party that can see auras, he’ll be the first to know what we’re up against, and will be responsible for informing the party if we’re in over our head.

Just to be clear, the goal of the operation is not to directly engage the enemy, but to destroy their equipment and get out. The fire/explosions is almost guaranteed to attract the police, who will prove especially problematic for a motorcycle gang without motorcycles.

Operation Satan's Tophat

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