Melee Weaponary

Name: What it says on the tin.

Damage: The number of Dice added to the attack roll, and what kind of damage it causes.

Size: This indicates how concealable (or not) a weapon is. Size 1 can be hidden in hand, Size 2 can be hidden in a large coat, Size 3 or more cannot be hidden. P (Palm/Pocket), S (Shirt), J (Jacket), L (Long coat) or N (Not concealable).

Durability: A attribute I won’t be concentrating on very much, so just ignore it for now.

Cost: the single dot, which indicates the resources needed, or the n/a which means resources aren’t really necessary

Clubs and Chains

1(B) 1/P 2 •
Stun (Stamina)*
The sap is usually a palm-sized flat “bag” of leather filled with lead shot or powder. When used, the bag of shot — often targeted at elbows, knees, collarbones or even noses — did such sudden trauma to the target that it would leave him or her stunned, howling in pain.

Telescopic Baton
3(B) 2/J 3 •
Collapses to Size 1/S*
The baton is made of solid steel, and can be used to shatter skulls, break arms or split kneecaps just like any other baton. The difference here is that the baton is spring-loaded or, instead, is opened with a quick kinetic snap.

Wooden Club
2(B) 2/J 1 n/a
Modern clubs include baseball bats, walking sticks, Irish shillelagh, African knobkerries and wooden batons. All of these are weighted appropriately and can be used to bash a foe upside the head without penalty.

Chain (Basic)
1(B) 1/S 3 n/a
Sometimes improvised*
The average metal chain, favored by certain thugs and gang members, does a mean job of causing bruises and breaking bones.

Knives and Daggers

Bowie Knife
2(L) 1/J 4 •
+1 to some Crafts rolls*
A Bowie knife, with its sharp edge and heavy blade, is equally at home splitting skulls and chopping wood. True Bowie knives continue to have a reputation for being some of the toughest around.

Combat Knife
1(L) 1/S 3 •

–1(L) 1/P 2 •
Fragile 3, +1 to some Crafts rolls*
A pocketknife is not at all meant for use in combat.

Trench Knife (World War I)
1(L/B) 1/S 3 •
Doubles as brass knuckles*
The trench knife’s knuckle-grip doubles as a set of brass knuckles. The damage is lethal if used as a normal knife (requiring a Strength + Weaponry roll) and bashing if the character chooses to utilize the knuckled grip (requiring Strength + Brawl).

Switchblade 0(L)
1/P 3 •
A switchblade is a thin, small-bladed knife that is concealed in the weapon’s handle and is only sprung when the wielder hits a switch on the grip.


Brass Knuckles 1(B)
1/P 3 •
Strength + Brawl*
Metal knuckles (brass or chrome) are an old favorite of mob toughs, bouncers and back-alley pugilists.

Catch Pole†
0(B) 3/N 2 •
Catches opponents*
The device consists of a three- to five-foot aluminum pole with a plastic-covered metal cable noose at the one end. Looping the device around a subject’s neck requires a grapple roll, except the attacker must use Strength + Weaponry (minus target’s Defense) instead of Brawl. The target may try to escape on his next action by making the requisite Strength + Brawl roll (minus the attacker’s Strength), but the target also suffers an additional –2 penalty because of the durable wire cable around his neck. Alternately, the subject may try to break or damage the aluminum pole.

Strangle Wire
2(L) 1/P 2 n/a
Grappling aid*
The term “strangle wire” isn’t entirely appropriate, because this weapon (generally consisting of a thin metal wire connected by two handles or ball-grips) isn’t used to strangle but to damage the critical parts of a victim’s neck and throat.

Stun Gun
n/a 1/P 3 •
Stun guns do not cause actual damage. Attacks with a stun gun require a Dexterity + Weaponry roll (with the subject’s Defense subtracted, though armor is ineffective). Successes gained on the roll count as penalties against the target’s next roll. If these successes cumulatively exceed the target’s Size, even over a number of consecutive turns, the victim enters unconsciousness for a number of turns equal to the successes rolled.

Tools and Improvised Weapons
Armory tools

Armory rigged

Melee Weaponary

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