Gang turfs Here is a turf map of several of the gangs featured in the Warriors. Below are simple short descriptions of these Gangs. In this link is a more detailed description with Bopper Art and Attire.


The Hurricanes are from Spanish Harlem. The only time we see them in the movie is at the big meeting. Their Front is a hat and textile shop while their Back is an illegal sweatshop. They wear the hats but never the shirts or other clothing from their own shop. They remain bare chest and sometimes make ‘Colors’ for other gangs. If not for the Riffs calling a general Truce, they’d be Warring against the ‘Boppers’ they share a border with.

  • Founder
    Javier, a spanish Brujah with a terrible prejudice against the Venture Clan and the Camarilla. He and the Bopper founder were once tight, until the Venture betray Javier’s trust. While such betrayal is not known to Javier, it was the damn Venture that did it. He thought that during the occupation he could trust Dimitris, but during the last nights Dimitris raided his holdings.

The Boppers from Harlem, Manhattan wear purple waistcoats, cream-coloured trousers and hats. I guess they think they are groovy boppers! Their Front is a Jazz Club and Bar while their Back is a sport gambling spot. They are equally powerful compared to the ‘Hurricanes’. They’re the original boppers having lasted since before the Sabbat rose to power. They’re defensive to most gang raids, but are preparing to pre-empt the ‘Hurricanes’ given the opportunity.

  • Founder
    Dimitris, a black Venture with an ambitious and cunning mind. During the occupation he allied himself with Javier, the Hurricane Founder. He was able to build the Bopper’s power base while fighting off Sabbat influence and fangs. Without this alliance it is unlikely even anrach gang would have survived. However during the last nights, he sought to claim the Hurricanes hardware.

The Saracens wear black vests with a white trim. They are the rival gang of The Jones Street Boys who also have turf in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Their Front is a muslim community center while their Back is a covert blood cult. Even with the Riff’s general Truce they’ve found ways to raid the Jones Street Boys without being caught.

  • Founder
    Afra, arab-egyptian. In life he was an initiate to the Saracen, blood cult. As a member he accepted the cruel hunger of his masters. When they drank too much from him, he was given the choice of embraced for his loyalty and faithfulness. When the Sabbat drove away all other old holdings, He stayed to keep watch over the anarch resistance and rebuilt the cult around himself.
Jones Street Boys

The Jones Street Boys from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn can be seen at the big meeting and wear black and yellow striped tops. Their Front is a sports bar but because of constant Saracen raids they have no proper Back. This Gang isn’t meant for many more nights. Most figure they have one last fight in them. Whether they remain or dissolve comes down to that last desperate struggle for turf.

  • Founder
    P. J. Carlesimo, a vampire full of vinegar and just as sweet. He built his power base out of yes-man and feeble minded idiots. He fiercely protected his turf from every seeming threat. He never became popular and gained more enemies than friends. Nobody will bat an eye when his gang is wiped out.
Satans Mothers

The Satans Mothers travelled from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn and can be seen hanging around at the meeting in The Bronx. A rogue motorcycle gang fostered by the Sabbat, they continue to thrive after their patrons lost the city. They’re an incredibly hostile and hellish faction. They indulge in burning their rivals to the ground.

  • Leader
    Dannon, a beastial soul. Having diablerized the previous gang leader, he drives the gang into brutal violence against mortal and Kindred alike. He sleeps with the Beast without losing his mind.
Van Cortlandt Rangers

The Van Cortlandt Rangers wear black and white striped tops. They are standing next to the Moonrunners at the big meeting. Their Front are the park stations in Van cortlandt while their Back are the large woodlands. Founded during the Sabbat occupation, the territory used to be highly important for safe passage to Albany, NY. The woodlands are a Boon and Bane to the Rangers, prey is scarce and nightly the Rangers are stalked by a large black hair dog.

  • Founder
    Pamela Fitzgerald, a calm-hearted survivalist. When the Sabbat conquered the New York Palace, Pamela refused to abandon her territory in Van Cortlandt park. She opened her haven to the dregs the Cammies abandoned. Those that adapted to the Vitae starved existence survived to these nights. The rest were put down in the throes of hunger frenzies.

The Moonrunners wear silver space style-suits and also these purple vests with moon necklaces. Their turf is Pelham in The Bronx. Their Front are the Basket Ball courts around the Pelham Bay park, while their Back is actually a gated community. Behind their security cameras and guards, they revel in silly social experiments. Like the Rangers, the moon runners were founded by Cammie Vampires to weather the Sabbat occupation. And like the Rangers, a strange polite phenomenon walks their territory.

  • Leader
    Jake Sterling aka Mooneyed Jack. Sired by the previous gang leader, he is rumored to be somewhat deranged controlling the kine in his domain as interesting curios. The Sabbat siege weathered Sterling’s ability to maintain the Masquerade in Pelham. After running the shovelheads out of town, he would whitewash victims to forget. Unfortunately a mind whitewashed over and over will become blank and useless, overall less interesting.

These ‘clowns’ wear white face paint, red and black tops, with suspender trousers and come from Soho, Manhattan. Their Fronts is the the theater houses of SoHo, while their Back is the derelict opera house currently closed for the season. They rub elbows with the NY elite and have a belligerent relationship with the Electric Eliminators, occasionally raiding them for their hardware.

  • Founder
    Canio, envious of life. During his first nights he painted his face in makeup and willed his performance. But after the reprimands and exhaustion, he finally relented and left the stage. Following the example of others he created the Hi-Hats to protect himself in SoHo.
Electric Eliminators

These guys are easy to spot in the park, thanks to their bright yellow tops! Their turf is SoHo. Their Front is an electronics shop that sells RadioShack knockoffs, while their Back are the storage pods along the River. They deal in smuggling hardware in and out the river harbor. They have attempted to end the raids from the Hi-Hats, but can’t quite quit them.

  • Founder
    Max, A Number One Duke of New York. Another Kindred that sort of went underground during the occupation. While the Sabbat could see the Hi-Hats in SoHo, the Electric Eliminators eliminated their raiding parties and frustrated their spies. Not that Max is fond of the Cammies coming back, but he did facilitate their efforts to break Sabbat control.
Savage Huns

These guys were from Chinatown, Manhattan. They used to wear green shirts and have brown pointy hats. Their Front was the Four Pillars of Destiny noodle and fortune telling shop, while their Back used to be the Church of the Transfiguration. They had contacts in many different occult circles. As for themselves, some assholes totally wiped them out..


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