Name: Hild
Age: 2130
Virtue: Justice
Faction: Time Bandits
Group Name:
Intelligence: ••
Wits: ••
Resolve: •••
Strength: •
Dexterity: ••••
Stamina: •••
Presence: ••
Mental (-3 unskilled)
Investigation •••
Occult •••

Physical (-1 unskilled)
Athletics •••
Brawl •••
Stealth ••
Survival •••

Social (-1 unskilled)
Animal Ken ••
Intimidation ••

Auspex •
Celerity ••

Fighting Finesse ••
Swarm Tatics ••


Essence Pool



I am Hild, yes, I can talk, no, your not dreaming. Yes I am a hawk, but I was not always. I was once a Valkyrie, one of the hand-maidens of Odin. No I am not tripping balls, and would I ask you not to use such profane language in my presence. Yes I mean the off hand reference to your genital. Why am I a bird now? Well, I messed up, and did something I was never to do. And as my punishment I was banished and stripped of my rank and title. No, they did not force me to become a hawk I chose this. You mean Quinn? While the I may agree with your sentiments for the others of her pack, I will ask you again to mind your language. Further if insult Quinn again, I will rip your tongue out. Quinn is not like others, she still believes in justice not that thing your courts do, that is not justice just litigation. Justice is personal something that a person cares with them its not found in some court or book. And what of it? What concern of yours is who I wish to share my bed with? Well, I don’t care what your master says. So, you must me wondering why I telling you, a stranger this? That’s because I know what you do in your basement.


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