Brick Santos - Presumed Dead


Name: Brick Santos
Age: 25
Player: Cameron
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath
Concept: Former Underground Fighter and Hospital Worker Turned Vampire
Chronicle: The Warriors!
Group Name: Time Bandits
Intelligence: •
Wits: •••
Resolve: •••
Strength: ••••• (+1 Brujah)
Dexterity: ••
Stamina: ••
Presence: ••
Mental (-3 unskilled)
Academics__________ •OOOO
Computer__________ OOOOO
Crafts_____________ OOOOO
Investigation_________ •OOOO
Medicine___________ ••OOO
Occult_____________ OOOOO
Politics____________ OOOOO
Science _____________ OOOOO
Physical (-1 unskilled)
Athletics __________ ••••O
Brawl_(Boxing),(Grappling)_ •••••
Drive__(Motorcycles) •OOOO
Firearms_________ OOOOO
Larceny___________ •OOOO
Stealth_____________ •OOOO
Survival____________ OOOOO
Weaponry___________ OOOOO
Social (-1 unskilled)
Animal Ken________ OOOOO
Empathy_________ •OOOO
Expression_________ OOOOO
Intimidation_________ •••OO
Persuasion___________ •OOOO
Socialize___________ OOOOO
Streetwise__________ •••OO
Subterfuge_________ OOOOO
Celerity •OOOO
Vigor ••OOO
Majesty OOOOO

Resilience •OOOO
Auspex •OOOO

Blood Potency ••
Status (Brujah)
Status (Unaligned)
Status (New York)
Aggressive Striking •••••
Brawling Dodge •
Contact (Underworld) •
Resources •
Retainer x2 (Shared Ghoul + Boppers) •••


Vitae Pool


XP Gained:
5 – Sold 1 Humanity at Creation
3 – 1st Meeting
10 – 2nd Meeting
7 – 3rd Meeting – Must be spent on Retainers, Guns, and/or Motorcycles
7 – 4th Meeting
Total Gained: 32

XP Spent:
-5 Celerity
-3 Larceny
-3 Stealth
-7 Auspex
-7 put towards the ghoul lieutenants
-3 First Persuasion Dot
Total Spent = 28


Brick Santos, better known in the illegal underground fighting ring as Deadman, his deathly white mask striking fear in the hearts of his opponents. For a while, he was doing rather well, until his manager’s gambling problem ended up getting him shot. He decided then that is was time for a change in occupation. He went to work for a hospital as an orderly/medical assistant. After a year of working there, he met the end of his first life when he had a run-in with Brad “The Rad” Guy. Impressed by his ferocity and prowess, Brad “The Rad” Guy decided to make him a vampire.

With Mask:

Brick’s Err…Journal Entry 1:
My therapist always said it would be good for me to write down all the shit that happens in my life, well before I died, anyways. So ever since Brad embraced me, I’ve backslid to my old punk ways, and while my life of peace is over, it feels like what I do here actually has more of an impact than being hospital muscle. They’ll find another meathead to fill that role. All this vampire stuff…it’s pretty out there. Can’t believe there was a whole society of undead right under our noses. Good thing I’m not quite as rusty at fighting as I thought I might be. It’s like most of these punks don’t even know what they’re doing, and Guns aren’t nearly as big of an issue anymore, either. And with Super Strength and Speed, it’s almost too easy. I can only imagine what the Draculas and other bigwigs out there can do.

Entry 2:
So Brad and I joined this group called ‘The Time Bandits’, supposed to be a thing about drinking blood is stealing people’s time or something. Leader’s a bit of a dick, but he seems to know what he’s doing. There’s an insane surgeon named Mongoose. Mongoose is convinced the trees are out to get us all, and given the weird shit I’ve seen in the last while, I wouldn’t rule that out as a possibility.

Entry 3:
So the Tophats and the Electricians hate each other for some reason, and we’re going to get them to play nice by feeding them noodles or something.

Entry 4:
So some asshole is driving his car wild, trying to hit the leader, so I of course attempt to flip it. Well, didn’t quite flip it, but when I dropped the car, the driver lost control and killed a couple that had been passing by, and now I’m hearing a voice in my head, I think it’s Djinn, the sneaky, magical, fight enthusiast and promoter.
I’ll have to ask Mongoose about it, he’s pretty knowledgeable about that kind of thing.

Entry 5:
Soho thing went well, and now I’m covered in shit and walking through tunnels towards who knows what.

Entry 6:
So I ate Santa. The taste was to die for.
Yeah…didn’t work out to well.

Brick Santos - Presumed Dead

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