Benjamin Franco


Name: Benjamin Franco
Age: 72
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Sloth
Concept: Blind Sabbat Survivor
Faction: Unaligned
Group Name:
Intelligence: ••••
Wits: •••
Resolve: ••
Strength: •
Dexterity: •••
Stamina: ••
Presence: •
Mental (-3 unskilled)
Academics______ •OOOO
Computer______ OOOOO
Crafts_________ •••OO
Investigation_________ OOOOO
Medicine_______ OOOOO
Occult_________ •••OO
Politics________ OOOOO
Science _________ OOOOO
Physical (-1 unskilled)
Athletics ______ •••OO
Brawl_______ OOOOO
Drive_________ OOOOO
Firearms_________ OOOOO
Larceny_______ OOOOO
Stealth_________ •OOOO
Survival________ OOOOO
Weaponry_______ •OOOO
Social (-1 unskilled)
Animal Ken________ OOOOO
Empathy_________ OOOOO
Expression_________ ••OOO
Intimidation_________ •••OO
Persuasion_______ ••OOO
Socialize_______ OOOOO
Streetwise______ OOOOO
Subterfuge______ •OOOO
Dominate •OOOO
Obtenebration •••OO
Vigor •OOOO
Blood Potency ••
Status (Clan)
Status (Unaligned)
Status (New York)


Vitae Pool



Benjamin Franco, born legally blind, only able to see six inches from his face was forced to develop other ways to navigate the perilous world he inhabited as a child. Not unlike other sight-impaired children, he developed echolocation, which served him well through his life. His interest in ancient cultures led him to study archeology, anthropology, and the occult, over his lifetime acquiring a strange and interesting wealth of knowledge and collected pieces of history. Old age taking root, he settled in New York and ran a curio shop for the next couple of decades, occasionally lecturing on some of the cultures he had studied.

Valentine was just a socially isolated teenager hanging out at Old Man Franco’s Curio shop on West King Street, and he a lonely old man more than happy to share the strange stories of the occult mysteries he had researched over the years of his travels.
Over time, they grew rather fond of each other, but then the days of the Sabbat and the Camarilla wars came. The streets became increasingly more dangerous than they had already been.
One night, while walking her home as he usually did, they were attacked by a group of newly embraced Camarilla. Perhaps they were weakened from the fighting, perhaps he dug deep when he had something to protect, but either way, he wasn’t going to let some upstart punks take him down three blocks away from his home, not when her life was on the line. Strangely, these thugs didn’t seem to bleed when struck or slashed.
In any case, he managed to dig deep and when they laughed off the blows from his cane, he managed to fight them off with his trusty Bowie Knife, bringing one of them to torpor, and bluffing well enough despite being mortally wounded for the rest to flee and search for a target somehow easier than an old man and a young woman.

Impressed by his ferocity and courage, a Sabbat decided to embrace him and while he fought for them briefly, his only true alliance was to himself and Yelena. Somehow making it out of the New York Sabbat-Camarilla conflict relatively alive, he joined with A#1 when he formed the Rat Eliminators. Some time later, the Rat Eliminators were wiped out by something even more terrifying, the only known survivor of which was A#1. He has lived secluded in the bowels of New York ever since.

Benjamin Franco

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