Warriors: the Requim/Masquerade

The Brief Summary of the Hun-Bandit conflict

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The beginning of the night started with Jack Barrow and Vincent meeting at the abandoned timepiece warehouse. They had become aware that their third member, Rebecca, had been missing for a few nights.

They went to the basement apartment of the Hill County Projects, which served as her haven, only to discover it had been ransacked. Rebecca had been locked and chained inside a large chest. Having freed her, they saw that the inside of the chest had been tagged by the Savage Huns. However their first mission was to reclaim Rebecca’s ghoul-dog from the local pound.

Before that, Vincent and Jack decided to visit the local drug dealer residing in 202. Vincent traded the few precious Vitae he still had as ‘Red Surrender’, Vitae mixed with powder. Any powder will do, baking soda works well enough, though mixed with powdered narcotics creates a sensational experience. For this Vincent was given access to the drug dealer’s girl whom he fed on.

Rebecca was able to sweet-talk her way into the pound. And so she reclaimed her animal companion. She took the opportunity to feed from Mark Goldberg, fostering Mark’s attraction to her. Outside, Jack and Vincent had become decidedly cross with each other. Vincent dared Jack to expose himself on the streets. Unfortunately, Jack’s indecency caught the attention of a passing patrol car.

The outcome of this transgression was Jack’s passport being put into the Police records, a fine issued, and a court date set for 10:30am. All that being said, the patrol man also happened to be a Cammie Ghoul. So expect the Camarilla to come calling.

In anycase, since the Time Bandits weren’t quite full up on Vitae they decided to troll the local nightlife for warm blood. Through an incredible amount of luck, Vincent knew the owner of a local bar and was able to feed freely for a favor. Rebecca took the opportunity to fill up. Jack was briefly barred entry by Vincent talking to the bouncer, but quickly talked his way in.

The favor the owner asked of the Time Bandits was to turn the Savage Huns away from his bar. The Huns had become quite bold tagging the area by covering parked cars with pink noodleshop menus.

The gang decided to set-up the Huns in a drug bust. They presented C Coke with a fantastic opportunity in Chinatown. They also contacted a Camarilla Enforcer telling him of a drug deal about to go down in Chinatown. They would march down to the Hun’s noodleshop to distract them while the ‘deal’ went down.

The Time Bandits decided to trek through the Hi-Hat and EE turf. They were stalked by faced painted in white makeup, and gangs wearing bright yellow jackets with skulls. When they reached Chinatown, they found the noodleshop fairly easily. They also got the attention of the Huns fairly easily. The Huns were dicking with the Bandits just to get a fight out of them.

Because of the Bandits small numbers, they thought they could take over their turf. So instead of breaking the General Truce, they tagged their turf and dicked with the Bandits and their neighbors, underestimating the Bandits ability to fight back. At the noodleshop, ten Huns faced three Bandits.

Vincent proposed a one v one fight. Each side would show their strength and they would respect each other’s turf. However Jack goaded the Huns saying they only needed three to destroy them. The Hun Kindred, seeing his excuse fulfilled, initiated combat with all of them.

During combat, Rebecca and Fluffy tore into their attackers with fang, bite, and bullet. Vincent suffered some knifes and kicks before taking one of the weaker Huns as a human shield. Jack unfortunately suffered quite a number knife wounds. The Hun, seeing the tide turn against him, tried talking with the Bandits. They traded Jack for the wounded and captured Huns.

In the aftermath, The Time Bandits took their staked member and escaped the notice of coming patrol cars. The Huns weren’t so lucky. The Cammie Enforcer had called in the drug bust. The wounded were hospitalized while the rest were arrested for a litany of gang related charges. C Coke was caught up in this bust. Yingpei Ji, the Hun vampire, escaped but lost his turf to the costly gambit.

Notable NPCs:
C Coke
-a upstart drug dealer of the Hill County Projects.

Caddy May
-a Ghoul having gained independence from any one master, set up a bar/pub allowing vamps to partake of his patrons. The price of course is some blood-rent, Vitae, from the local vampire gang-leaders.

Mark Goldberg
-a mortal animal worker. Works the late shift of the local pound.


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