Warriors: the Requim/Masquerade

The Night of a Thousand Clowns

The night began when Brick Santos and his sire, Brad Guy spotted a jive ass turkey disrespecting Time Bandit turf. Brad’s pride got the best of his beast and lunched to beat the turkey bloody. Brick kept his beast in check and wrestled his sire to the ground. This commotion brought out Warchief Vincent, Bad Luck Rebecca, and Looney Mongoose. While the Jive Turkey was obviously turning tail, he left a strip of notebook paper on the curb. Mongoose grabbed the note off and started diving into its aura impressions while the Vincent and the Double Dragons(Brad and Brick) tracked down the stranger.

The stranger stood on the subway platform waiting for the next train when Double Dragons position themselves behind them. Vincent faced the stranger. They had as pleasant a conversation as could be had, Vincent claiming his turf to the stranger and to the Cammies whom the stranger represented. The conversation ended with Vincent conning the stranger of his watch and stomping it on the platform. Merits earned all around.

When they returned from the underground, Mongoose revealed the mysteries of the paper. As it turns out the note was from a collection of other records, a huge list of addresses from all around NYC. The actual note was of four addresses, Two in SoHo, one on the lower west side, and one on the other side of the Brooklyn bridge. They decided to reach out to their friendly neighbors, the Electric Eliminators which Mongoose took to mean Lemon Eliminators. One more resistance force against the trees.

In anycase, they a few guards to protect their Haven, Fluffy, Rebecca’s ghoul dog, and Susan who arrived wearing sweatpants and a grey cat sweater. Fluffy complained of the cat smell on Susan. Having noted his objections, Rebecca told Fluffy to protect the cat lady no matter what her smell.

Leaving their Haven, the Time Bandits traveled to SoHo and flagged some EE boppers to arrange a meeting with their boss. The Boss took his time while they waited in the Underground. Max A#1, duke of New York, made his entrance as subtle as possible, but failed to make a remarkable disguise. Must have been the witch’s chin and shark teeth. Vincent had another fruitful conversation, mostly centered on 1)The vacancy of Chinatown left by the destruction of the Huns, 2)The rivalry of the Hi-Hats, and 3)The terrible Satan’s Mothers. Vincent agreed to distract the Hi-Hats while the EEs tagged over every Hun tag they could find.

During the conversation, Rebecca’s regenerated hand started acting wild grabbing herself and objects at random. Mongoose inspected the aura surrounding her hand to discover thin white threads leading from her fingers to the Underground entrance. Rebecca and Mongoose decided to leave the rest of the gang while they investigated the threads. Off into the east they went into the path of warring gangs of Chinatown. Green dragons were sprayed over with skulls with top hats and skulls with lightening bolts. The threads they followed ended at the small Chapel of Transfiguration. About the same time Vincent and Double Dragons were running around SoHo.

Vincent and Double Dragon went into Hi-Hat turf to cause a ruckus. What they did wasn’t expected, a mock fight between Brick and Brad. At the sight of many Hi-Hat tags, they started an incredible wrestling match that attached nearly every Hi-Hat bopper in the area. Their faces painted white and wearing top hats, they hooted and holler martial excitement. Despite the lieutenants grave face, he shared a half-grin. Vincent cunningly dressed the mock fight as tribute from the Time Bandits. While it was all entertaining, it was still bad form for boppers to be openly fighting in another gang’s turf. The crowd of Hi-Hats ran them off which lead to a chase of at least fifteen boppers following the three cutters.

Vincent vaulted over Double Dragon’ shoulders up fire escape where he kicked down the ladder. Once up Brick lifted the ladder and bent it useless. They climbed to the roof of the three level apartment Below the Hi-Hat clowns were already circling the building. Between the Time Bandits and the safety was a construction yard. They quickly took flight, literally. They jumped across the alleyway to the second story platform. Crashing through wood into relative obscurity, they weigh their options: either take the risk of a basement exit or sneak under Hi-Hat noses. They choose to secret themselves away, which they almost did. At the last second Brad cursed a previous injury and alerted the clowns. After another race down SoHo streets they escaped Hi-Hat turf tying up quite a number of Hi-Hat clowns.

Back at the Chapel of Transfiguration, Rebecca scooted the grounds around the chapel to discover naught but two entrances and a few painted glass windows. She convinced a crow to act as a lookout. Using some picks and some elbow grease, she broke into the congregation area. Mongoose read a vengeful aura covering the doors, its anger directed to some organization that stole his Time. Following the painted mural on the ceiling they discovered that the carpet behind the pulpit covered a trap door. The carpet held the vengeful aura as well as a softer aura of conviction and faith.

Mongoose’s paranoia ran rampant and with no other voice of reason, he prepared to torch the church to destroy the perceived menace. Outside the crow called. Mongoose grabbed to prepared cocktails ready to throw. From the back door came the dreaded Hun Vampire. His presence brought out surprising fear, but each party held their ground. Mongoose confused the Hun Vampire by mentioning the trap door behind the pulpit, finally pulling opening the trap door and revealing the hidden passage.

At the end of the dark corridor was the man of conviction and faith, Mark Goldberg aka the local animal worker. Before him was a dismembered hand with white threads tied to each digit, as well as a tomb of obviously-occult-a/fucking/medical/textbook! In an instant Rebecca sped to the hidden lair and spirited away the hand and the tome. Mongoose threw his cocktails at the trapdoor and at the feet of the Hun Vampire. The resulting fire drove every Kindred expect the Hun into frenzy, not that it reversed the damage already caused by the flame traveling up his arm.

After abandoning the chapel, Rebecca and Mongoose zipped passed Electric Eliminators overrunning Hi-Hats out of Chinatown. However in SoHo they came across the twenty-odd Hi-Hats chasing Vincent and the Double Dragons. After a brief race the Time Bandits regrouped in their turf. The Warchief showed his praise by sending Brad and Brick to Caddy Mays. Caddy wasn’t particularly happy keeping his bar illegally open past last call. But he wasn’t about to throw out two brawling vampires that could crush his skull easily. There they party dangerously close to the early hours of morning.


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