Warriors The Requiem/Masquerade

A street level anarch campaign with stylized gang conflict. Emphasis on wearing the colors and controlling turf, kind of like independent states against the established police station. This campaign will run the Storyteller system found in the nWOD. And will draw mostly from the mechanics detailed in VTR. However most of the fluff and setting will draw on the oWOD VTM.

The setting is simple. In a noncanonical 1990’s New York, the Camarilla have taken the city back from the Sabbat and have begun the process of securing their position. The biggest influence they’ve gained is over the police department. On the streets, the anarchs have taken nearly every gang in the brogues. However the anarchs are divided down gang lines and constantly fight over turf. By the numbers there are 20,000 cammie cops against 60,000 anarch boppers.

Cyrus, the leader of the Riffs has settled a general truce over everybody so that he can hold the Big Meet. Cyrus is magic and performs miracles. He has the vision of taking the city away from the Camarilla by uniting the anarch gangs into one. They could run the cops, organized crime, and maybe steal power in city government. Everything is out there, they just need a way to steal it. This is where the party comes in. They will be delegates sent to represent the Warriors at the Big Meet.

Warriors: the Requim/Masquerade

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